APM Communication Inc – APM

With main office and research/development in Hsinchu (Science park of Taiwan) and volume production in China, APM is one of the few manufactures which can offer customers state of the art Bluetooth/WI-FI modules. With advanced packaging technology and by use of the latest generation of IC’s from the worlds leading semiconductor manufactures the APM module line offers the following product range:

• Bluetooth modules – BT standard 4.0
• WI-FI modules – 802.11 b/g & n
• Combo modules – Bluetooth & WI-FI on the same module

With APM we can offer customers medium as well as high volume quantities to consumer & and industrial applications. Here at  IEC we have stock of the most commonly used development kits as well as modules, so customers can do a jump start on their development project and have fast prototypes.

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CML Microcircuits (UK) Ltd

One of the world’s most experienced designers and manufacturers of ultra low-power Application-Specific Standard-Product (ASSP) ICs for Global wireless, wireline, embedded and custom communications applications. With a focus on Two-Way Radio, Wireless Data, Wireline Telecoms and Unified RISC/DSP microprocessor/microcontrollers for embedded applications, CML offers a product portfolio that is second-to-none. With 40 years of experience, the company is headquartered near London, UK with strategic locations in the USA, Singapore and in China. ISO 9001 certified.

The product ranges includes:

Analog and Digital Radio:

Tones and Audio Processors, Scramblers, Codec, Baseband Processors for PMR, dPMR, FRS, MURS, GMRS, and TETRA.

Wireless Data:

FFSK/GMSK/4-Level FSK data Pumps and Packet modems, marine AIS Wireline Telecomm:

Low-Speed Modem, Call Progress and Tone Processors, CLI, POTs Interface, ISDN, SPM detectors.

Wireline Telecomm:

Low-Speed Modem, Call Progress and Tone Processors, CLI, POTs Interface, ISDN, SPM detectors.

Embedded Solutions:

Microprocessors and microcontrollers for embedded applications.


Mitsumi Electronics

Mitsumi – the world famous Japanese company within the Electronic industry for components. Mitsumi is recognized by the Japanese tradition of high quality and reliability for their products. The Mitsumi component range incl. active as well as passive components and here at IEC we are focussing on the Bluetooth module line incl. all the WML-C40/46 series. We do have the most popular modules on stock and we are shipping Mitsumi products globally,  incl.  the US as well as Asia.


QuartzCom AG

QuartzCom – a European manufacturer and supplier of frequency products based in Switzerland and committed to the tradition of Swiss quality and reliability in regard to products, accuracy and excellence in terms of service. QuartzCom is designing and manufacturing medium & high quality specified SMD oscillator’s incl. OCXO, SPXO, TCXO, VC-TCXO, VCXO, filters & crystals.

QuartzCom does also have a department for legacy and discontinued products – in this department they are in mostly cases able to produce products which is obsolete from the colleagues of QuartzCom

Quectel Wireless Solutions CO. Ltd

With headquarter in Shanghai and  200 employees, Quectel is one of the fastest growing companies in the m2m area.

Good support, excellent customer service and well documented products is the way to become the top 3rd m2m module vendor in the coming years. Founded in 2009 and with more than 5 mill modules shipped out in 2014, Quectel are surely on the track to reach their target. Product portfolio incl. the following modules: GSM/GPRS, 3G, 4G/LTE and GPS/GNNS.

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GSM                  M95

GSM                  M66 :

3G                      UC15

3G+GPS          UC20

GPS                 L70

GPS                 L76

GPS                 L80

GPS                 L26

GPS                 L86 :