Quectel PCN

30/04/2019 Off By jacob lind

QuecLocatorTM V1.0 will be EOS (end-of-support), since it supports Cell ID positioning only, and the positioning data is acquired from a database which provides incomplete and less frequently updated data. Its positioning stability, data accuracy and success rate are all not guaranteed.


It can be replaced by QuecLocatorTM V2.0. which is a commercial IoT positioning service. It supports configurable functions, including Cell ID, Wi-Fi and Hybrid (Cell ID+Wi-Fi) positioning functions, and provides more accurate and stable service with extended coverage. Additionally, it features convenient device management.


Attached please find the official QuecLocator V1.0 base station location service EOS, please acknowledge receipt of this EOS notification by replying to info_PCN@quectel.com. If no feedback is received within 90days after the issue date of this notification, then Quectel may accept that this EOS has been tacitly accepted and can implement it.