Trading conditions

Thank you for using our web-shop.

The following summarises the conditions of internet trading with IEC, and also give some hints about the usage of the web-shop.

Terms for Internet Trading with IEC

The following summarises the terms for trading on IEC’s webshop, and states important information about payment and fees.

A) Fixed prices. All prices are fixed and firm, not subject to negotiation. Prices shown on the product pages are net prices exclusive of VAT and fees.

All prices shown in USD.

Customers having demand for long term continuous delivery are encouraged to contact us for a quotation based on their demand and schedule.

B) VAT Options. IEC charges VAT according to legislation as follows:

Danish Customers are charged a fixed VAT rate of 25%
Customers inside of the EU are required to supply their VAT code, but VAT are not deducted in this transaction. The VAT code is reported to authorities as required by legislation.
Customers outside of the EU are not deduced any VAT.

The VAT deduction is made in accordance with your country of origin, please take care to specify your country carefully.

C) Payment and Fees

Payment Methods

Danish customers can pay using banktransfer.

International (non-danish) customers can also pay the goods using banktransfer, or with one the following creditcards: EuroCard/MasterCard, Visa, Maestro or JCB Card.

Using either of these payment methods, a payment fee is deducted, which is collected on behalf of the payment institution, and as required by them.

Freight Fee

A fixed freight fee is added based on your country of origin.


The totals of the goods, VAT, Shipping cost and payment fee are shown in clear and informative display on the Shopping Basket Pages.


Orders from the web shop are handled when the payment of the due amount is confirmed by us.

Hints for IEC’s webshop

Browse through our products via the product menu to the left, and click “Add to Basket” to place the product in the shopping basket. At any time you can inspect your selected goods by clicking the “Basket” item in the top menu, and at any time you can return to the product list by using the product menu, and select additional products for purchase.

Via the shopping basket page you can amend the order, increase or decrease the individual orderlines, or delete an orderline entirely.

From the Shopping Basket, please carefully select your VAT options according to your country of origin:

Danish Customers are charged a fixed VAT rate of 25%
Customers inside of the EU are required to supply their VAT code. Please take care to supply the appropriate VAT code. No VAT are deducted in this transaction. Please click to “Submit VAT code” button once the appropriate country is selected, to ensure the VAT Calculation is correct.
Customers outside of the EU are not deduced any VAT.

Please note that the country selected is used to select among the appropriate payment options in our shop.

International (non-danish) customers can pay the goods with the following creditcards: EuroCard/MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, JCB Cards; or Banktransfer. Danish customers can pay using bank transfer.

Using either of these payment methods, you are deduced a payment fee, which appear on the Confirm Order page.

The Country code is also used to calculate the freight fee, which also appear on the Order Confirmation page.

Having specified the payment method and country, you proceed to the Delivery Information page, where the delivery address and optional separate billing address are stated.

Continue on the Choose Payment page, where you are prompted to select the payment method, according to the selection of VAT option and country.

On the Confirm Order, the summary of your order transaction is shown. You are prompted to Accept these trading conditions, and to supply your credit card or bank option details.

You finish the trade transaction by clicking Submit Order using the button in the button of the page.

You will receive an Order Acknowledgement on the email address, specifying the order details. Please take note the Order Number of this acknowledgement, which must be used in subsequent communication about this order.

The order is then processed by IEC, and we will take every precaution to handle your order promptly. We will issue an Order Confirmation to you, confirming when the goods can be delivered, and deliver at the time also specified here.

Thank you for trading with Independent Electronic Components.